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Identifier: 0500.009
Scope and Contents Payroll lists for the Fire Department from 1876-1884, 1886-1889, 1902-1907, 1916-1924, 1927-1930, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1956-1969 and 1972.

Pension records

Identifier: 0500.018

Permit plans

Identifier: 5410.004
Scope and Contents Plans filed with building permits on aperture cards. Contact the Inspectional Services Department, Building Division for access to plans.

Permits and permit log books

Identifier: 5410.003
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous building/alteration permits and logs of permits issued and applications filed. Includes permits to do alterations, 1874-1876, 1886 and 1888; logs of daily entry sheets of new construction, alterations, elevators, fire escapes, takedowns, etc., 1946-1947, 1950-1959, logs of gas fitting permits, 1939, 1953-1963; log of electrical permits, 1956-1959, log of plumbing permits, 1953-1957; log of applications to install boilers, engines, ovens, sprinklers, etc., 1958-1962; log of unsafe...

Personal records of Members of the Board of Aldermen and Common Council 1861-1890

Identifier: 0300.013
Scope and Contents note The Record Commissioners during the years 1891-1894 compiled the “Personal Records” of the members of the Board of Aldermen and Common Council. The collection includes forms from members of the City Councils from 1861-1890. Gaps do exist throughout this span. The publication “A Catalogue of the city councils of Boston, Roxbury, Charlestown…” printed by order of the City Council, 1909 contains a list of all the members of the City Councils from 1822-1909 with a biographical notes number. William...

Personnel administrative files

Identifier: 9000.013
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. Following a lawsuit brought in the Housing Court of the City of Boston, a master was appointed in 1975, a consent decree was issued in 1977, and a receiver was appointed by the Superior Court for Suffolk County in 1980 to administer BHA. Personnel administration...

Peter Dreyer slide collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 9800.007
Scope and Contents note Collection of color slides of buildings, events and scenes in Boston donated to the City Archives by photographer Peter Dreyer. The photographs reflect various locations in and around the Boston area. Examples of subjects include the Boston Public Garden, the Massachusetts State House, the John Hancock Tower, and the Prudential Tower. There is also an extensive group of photographs of the Tall Ships when they returned to Boston in 1980 as part of the celebration for Boston's 350th anniversary.

Phillips Brooks School photograph

Identifier: 0420.020
Scope and Contents Framed portrait of the Class of 1920.

Phillis Wheatley School records

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0420.066
Scope and Contents Includes the yearbook from 1994 and miscellaneous plaques and medals from 1991-2000.


Identifier: 9800.002
Scope and Contents Includes a small collection of photographs documenting the visit and reception for Charles Lindbergh in Boston, 1927; visit of President Coolidge to Cambridge, 1925; Trinity Church altar, 1926; other miscellaneous street scenes, etc., circa 1923-1927; and a small collection of photographs of views of downtown streets, parks and beaches, circa 1900-1914.

Photographs of Building Department offices

Identifier: 5410.009
Scope and Contents Includes photographs of Building Department offices from circa 1917 including Commissioner's Office, Inspectors' desks, plans area, and document file vault. Also includes photographs of Building Department offices in the New City Hall, 1968.

Photographs of School Headmasters

Identifier: 0403.001
Scope and Contents Collection of photographs of school headmasters who served circa 1830-1878. Includes John D. Philbrick, Joshua Bates, Samuel W. Mason, Elbridge Smith, W.L.P. Boardman, William E. Endicott and others.

Plans filed in the City Clerk's Office

Identifier: 0300.012
Scope and Contents Plans filed in the Office of the City Clerk. The materials in this collection date from circa 1830s-1982 with the bulk of the items dating from 1931-1982. These records consist primarily of twentieth century highway layouts, land taking plans and railroad plans. Also included are city maps, ward maps, and plans relating to bridges, gas and electric, streets and highways, the Parks Department, and the Longfellow School in Roslindale, as well as a small group of miscellaneous items. Some items...

Pole and conduit locations

Identifier: 0301.015
Scope and Contents Record of petitions filed for hearings to construct transmission lines upon, along, under or across a public way, 1903-1919 and record of notices of pole and conduit locations granted, 1911-1983, that were required to be filed in the City Clerk's Office by Chapter 509 of the Acts of 1911.

Police Court returns

Identifier: 2430.007
Scope and Contents Accounts of bills of cost in criminal cases brought before the Police Court in the City of Boston within and for the County of Suffolk in which cases were final and terminated in said court. Includes case number, date, defendant's name, offense, officers' fees, court fees and witnesses.

Police Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 0600.006
Scope and Contents Includes annual reports of the Police Commissioner for 1871, 1910, 1927, 1933-1934, 1936, 1939, 1945, 1950, 1955, 1958-1960, 1962-1970, 1974-1976, 1999 and 2007; annual reports of the Boston Police Relief Association for 1911, 1913-1915, 1918-1920, 1922-1925, and 1927-1928; street directory, 1938 and circa 1970s-1980s; and miscellaneous reports and surveys.

Police Department photograph

Identifier: 0600.004
Scope and Contents Photograph of Boston Police Class, 1945 January 6.

Police Department rules and regulations

Identifier: 0600.007
Scope and Contents Includes printed Rules and Regulations of the Boston Police Department from 1899, 1903, 1909, 1921, 1927, 1941 and 1950; Rules and Procedures, 1992; and Rules and Regulations for Hackney Carriages from 1948.

Police Fund records

Identifier: 2400.011
Scope and Contents By ordinance passed June 17, 1870, all monies received by police officers for fees as witnesses and paid by them into the City Treasury would be kept as a separate fund and be invested and managed by the Mayor, City Auditor and City Treasurer. The income of said fund would be applied to the relief of persons who received an honorable discharge from the Police force by reason of sickness, age or other inability and in necessitous circumstances and also to the relief of widows and orphans of...

Political ephemera

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 9800.006
Scope and Contents Collection of political ephemera from 1924 and 1927-1931. Includes campaign literature for various local, state and federal offices with a focus on ward 10; invitations; programs; and miscellaneous papers of City Councilor Leo F. Powers.

Postcard collection

Identifier: 9800.028

Power of Attorney filings and index

 Series — Box: City Clerk 1
Identifier: 0301.028
Scope and Contents Includes power of attorney filings and card index.

Prescott School photograph

 Series — Box: School Photographs 1
Identifier: 0420.079

Printing Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 3100.003
Scope and Contents Includes annual reports of the Printing Department for the years 1898-1900, 1902, 1904-1905, 1909, 1924-1928, and 1938-1939; Type Specimen Book, 1911 and circa 1980; "The Value of Time: a little article addressed to the employees of the City of Boston Printing Department", 1926; "Chapel Rules", 1948; and "Constitution and By-Laws Boston Typographical Union", 1976. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Printing Department objects

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 3100.006
Scope and Contents A sampling of printing plates and seals used by the City of Boston Printing Department.

Printing Director's files

Identifier: 3100.001

Probate Court publications

Identifier: 8230.002

Proceedings of Dooming Board

Identifier: 2100.002
Scope and Contents Minutes of the Dooming Board for the years 1869-1901, 1946-1947 and 1949-1950. Includes the individual or company being assessed a tax on their personal property, the original assessment, and the revised assessment.

Proceedings of the School Committee

Identifier: 0405.002
Scope and Contents Includes published proceedings of School Committee meetings, 1870, 1873-May 1987; verbatim transcripts of School Committee meetings, July 1936-June 1996; and School Committee board papers, September 1915-2011.


Identifier: 0600.005
Scope and Contents Boston Police Relief Association Annual Ball and Concert program, 1941.

Property files

Identifier: 5211.002
Scope and Contents All exterior work visible from a public way is subject to the review of the BHAC. The property files include the applications, decisions and supporting material from the design review process.

Property files

Identifier: 5213.002
Scope and Contents All exterior work visible from a public way is subject to the review of the SELD. The property files include the applications, decisions and supporting material from the design review process.

Public Building Department contracts

Identifier: 4320.004
Scope and Contents Includes miscellaneous copies of contracts of the Public Buildings Department. Includes contracts for West Roxbury Branch Library; Restoration of Faneuil Hall; Hyde Park Police Station; Overseers of the Public Welfare and Temporary Home; Dorchester Court House, etc.

Public Buildings Department correspondence

Identifier: 4320.003
Scope and Contents One letter-copy volume of outgoing correspondence of the Superintendent of Public Buildings.

Public Facilities Department plans

Identifier: 7600.005

Public Facilities Department publications

Identifier: 7600.004
Scope and Contents Publications produced by the Public Facilities Department. Includes publications of the Rebuilding Boston program from 1986-1991.

Public Facilities Director correspondence

Identifier: 7600.001
Scope and Contents Incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Director of the Public Facilities Department. Arranged by month and year.

Public Facilities Director subject files

Identifier: 7600.002
Scope and Contents Subject/correspondence files of the Director of the Public Facilities Department. Arranged alphabetically, includes files regarding property disposition, construction projects, programs, etc.

Public Grounds Department records

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 4420.001
Scope and Contents Includes time and payroll records, 1885-1890; receipt book, 1906-1907; employee cards, circa 1909; misc. employee time records and loose papers, circa 1912.

Public Health Commission annual reports and publications

Identifier: 7000.002
Scope and Contents Includes copies of annual reports of predecessor boards/departments including Trustees of Boston City Hospital, Board of Health and Department of Health and Hospitals; Digest of Health Laws and Rules and Regulations, 1904 and 1923; History of Boston City Hospital, 1906; Proceedings of the Dedication of City Hospital, 1865; and publications on Health Units, statistics and other topics. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Public Health Commission Board records

 Record Group
Identifier: 7000.001
Scope and Contents note This collection documents the history of the Boston Public Health Commission, which was formed in 1996 as a result of the merger between the Boston Department of Health and Hospitals and Boston University Medical Center. The consolidation of these two institutions also created the Boston Medical Center, which subsumed the former Boston City Hospital. In addition, the histories of the Department of Health and Boston City Hospital from 1865-1965 (with gaps), the history of the Department of...

Public Improvement Commission orders

Identifier: 5060.008
Scope and Contents Orders of the Public Improvement Commission (formerly Board of Street Commissioners) relating to the laying-out, alteration, opening, discontinuance and naming of streets.

Public Improvement Commission proceedings

Identifier: 5060.001
Scope and Contents Unindexed minutes of the Board of Street Commissioners for 1871, 1874, 1876, 1879, 1881, 1883-1884, 1901, 1905-1909 and 1911; and digital copies of Board of Street Commissioners minutes from 1871-1954 April 30 and Public Improvement Commission minutes from 1954 May 7-1986. The volumes for 1899-1900 are missing.

Public Welfare Department annual reports

Identifier: 8700.001
Scope and Contents Includes "Annual Report of the Overseers of the Poor" for 1891; "Annual Report of the Overseers of the Public Welfare" for 1952 and 1964. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Public Works Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 5000.002
Scope and Contents Includes copies of the annual reports of the Public Works Department for 1913-1914, 1916-1930, 1948-1959, 1962, 1964, 1966-1970, 1972-1977, 1980-1993 with gaps and miscellaneous publications. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Public Works Department contracts

Identifier: 5000.004
Scope and Contents Specifications and contracts for Public Works Department projects kept by the Public Works Department Bridge and Ferry Division and Contract Office.

Public Works Department photograph collection

Identifier: 5000.009
Scope and Contents Photographs collected by the Public Works Department showing Transit construction and street scenes.

Public Works Department scrapbooks

Identifier: 5000.005
Scope and Contents Scrapbooks kept in the Public Works Department library. Includes scrapbooks of the City Engineer, scrapbooks on the subway, real estate transactions, and miscellaneous topics.

Publications relating to liquor laws

Identifier: 8400.006

Quincy School photographs

Identifier: 0420.082

Rabbis certificates

Identifier: 0330.008
Scope and Contents Certifications submitted to the City Registry of Vital Records of the appointment of rabbis in synagogues located in Boston.

Railroad Location plans

Identifier: 0301.019
Scope and Contents Oversized railroad location plans filed in the Office of the City Clerk. Includes plans for the following Railroad Companies: Boston and Albany Railroad; Boston and Lowell Railroad; Boston and Maine Railroad; Boston and Providence Railroad; Boston Elevated Railway Company; Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad; Boston, Winthrop and Point Shirley Railroad; Chelsea Beach Railroad; Dorchester and Milton Branch Railroad; Eastern Junction Broad Sound Pier and Point Shirley Railroad; Eastern...

Real estate, personal estate and poll tax records

Identifier: 2100.004
Scope and Contents note Records of taxes assessed for real estate, personal estate and poll taxes. Includes real estate valuations, 1822-1973; personal estate valuations, 1822-1985; and poll tax assessments, circa 1822-1963. The assessment of poll taxes was abolished in 1963.

Real Property Board proceedings

Identifier: 4310.001
Scope and Contents Includes minutes of the Board of Real Estate Commissioners, 1950 January 2-1951 December 19; minutes of the Committee on Foreclosed Real Estate, 1954-1962, 1964; and minutes of the meetings of the Real Property Board, 1956-1960, 1962 and 1973-1988.

Real Property Department project files

Identifier: 4310.002
Scope and Contents Project files of mainly parking facilities. Projects include: Hayward Place, Copley Square, East Boston, Fort Hill Square, Central-Kilby Streets, Kingston-Bedford Streets, Columbia Streets and Lincoln-Essex. Also includes Houghton Dutton Building.

Real Property Department publications

Identifier: 4310.003
Scope and Contents Includes copies of "City-owned Real Estate Listings to be sold at Public Auction," 1952, 1956 and 1970.

Receipts and expenditures

Identifier: 2200.012
Scope and Contents The Receipts and Expenditures provide a record of all monies coming into and going out from the City of Boston. The Expenditures document all payments made by each department in the City of Boston for a given fiscal year. There are payrolls, various expense journals, department account ledgers, and sub-division reports. The Receipts document all the revenue and income received by the City of Boston through its departments over the course of a fiscal year. Sources of revenue include loans,...

Receipts for City drafts

Identifier: 2400.003
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of payment of city draft. Includes amount and signature.

Record Commissioner's reports

Identifier: 0330.002
Scope and Contents Published between 1876 and 1909, the Record Commissioners reports include transcriptions of early Boston town records including town meeting records, Selectmen records, births, deaths and marriages, Charlestown records, Dorchester records and other miscellaneous records.

Record of Army and Navy enlistments from Boston

Identifier: 0300.017
Scope and Contents Army and Navy enlistments on Boston's quota, 1861-1865 and re-enlistments and transfers of soldiers, seamen and officers, 1861-1865.

Record of business of Street Commission

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 5060.003
Scope and Contents Log of business before the Street Commission relating to laying out of streets. Lists street, parties in interest, number of square feet taken, when taken, estimates, amount paid and notes.

Record of change of enrolment

Identifier: 4700.007
Scope and Contents Record of appearance by individual before the Election Commissioners to change party enrolment.

Record of confirmation and removal of officeholders

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0300.020
Scope and Contents An ordinance passed 28 December 1854 required appointments by the Mayor and Aldermen or by the Mayor on advice and consent of the Aldermen be sent to the City Clerk to record in a book. Includes name, office, date confirmed and date removed.

Record of court fees

Identifier: 2430.008
Scope and Contents Record of court fees paid by the City Treasurer for Municipal Court, jurors, inquests, Police Court and Supreme Judicial Court.

Record of deeds to Back Bay lands

Identifier: 2200.004
Scope and Contents Includes lists of lands sold/given by the Commonwealth, circa 1857-1868; and lands sold by the Boston Water Power Company, circa 1843-1869.

Record of emigrants landing

Identifier: 2400.005
Scope and Contents Includes lists of vessels arriving and names of passengers.

Record of expenditures

Identifier: 2400.013
Scope and Contents Ledgers documenting expenditures of the Town of Boston, 1809/1810, 1812/1813-1813/1814, 1815/1816 1819/1820. Expenditures are listed by department or account.

Record of fees for prisoners committed (carriage fees)

Identifier: 2430.002
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for transport of prisoners. Includes no. of case, name, offense, station, officer and amount of fee.

Record of fees in cases of insanity

Identifier: 2430.005
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of fees paid to officers and witnesses in cases of insanity.

Record of fees in cases of truancy

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 2430.004
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of fees paid to officers and witnesses in cases of truancy.

Record of fees paid for inquests

Identifier: 2430.006
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for inquests, 1827-1848, 1854-1864, 1869-1879; and state inquests, 1874-1877. Includes name of deceased, date, jurors, coroner, constable, witnesses and amount paid. The volumes for the years 1854-1864 include fire inquests.

Record of fees received in Police and Justices' Court

Identifier: 2430.001
Scope and Contents In 1822, the Police Court was established for criminal cases and the Justices' Court was established for civil cases. Includes records of the amount of fees received by the Clerk of the Justices Court for the County of Suffolk, 1822-1859; records of fines, costs etc. received in the Police Court, 1822-1859; and record of fees received in Justices and Police Court, 1824-1830.

Record of forms of notice

Identifier: 0300.021
Scope and Contents City Clerk's record book of forms of notifications relating to lists of voters, elections etc. Also includes transcriptions of oaths administered by City Clerk.

Record of grades

Identifier: 5070.002
Scope and Contents Volume kept by the City Surveyor's Office of copies of orders of the Board of Street Commissioners to establish the grades of streets in Dorchester.

Record of horses bought and sold

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0500.017
Scope and Contents Logbook of horses bought by the Fire Department from 1883-1911 with disposition and horses sold, died, destroyed or exchanged from 1900-1910.

Record of liens on vessels

Identifier: 0301.020
Scope and Contents According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 255 Section 15, liens on vessels must be filed in the City Clerk's office within thirty days after the vessel departs from the port at which she was when the debt was contracted. Includes 8 volumes of recorded liens, 1874 1940 and 3 index volumes, 1874-1982.

Record of liquor license bonds filed

Identifier: 8400.005
Scope and Contents Indexes of liquor license bonds filed with the Boston Licensing Board. Includes name, location, date approved and date filed.

Record of Municipal Court fees

Identifier: 2430.009
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for witnesses, officers, etc. in the Municipal Court.

Record of names, marks and devices

Identifier: 0301.022
Scope and Contents note According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 110, Sections 17 and 21, names, marks or devices on cans, bottles, milk bottles etc. may be registered by filing with the City Clerk. Includes index volume for 1893-1900, index cards for 1924-1941 and applications filed chronologically.

Record of oaths

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 4700.008
Scope and Contents Record of oaths sworn by Assistant Registrars of Voters.

Record of officer and witness fees

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2430.003
Scope and Contents Records of payment and receipt of fees for witnesses and officers in the Police Court.

Record of payment of drafts

 Series — Volumes: 1-10
Identifier: 2400.002
Scope and Contents Record of payments of the drafts of the Mayor and Aldermen and County drafts of the Mayor and Aldermen. Volume 1 includes payment of drafts of the Overseers of the Poor.

Record of private ways approved

Identifier: 5060.002
Scope and Contents Votes of Street Commissioners accepting private ways approved by the Mayor.

Record of prosecutions

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 7010.006
Scope and Contents Record of prosecutions for violations of health laws.

Record of receipts and disbursements

Identifier: 2400.012
Scope and Contents Includes Daily Abstracts of Receipts and Disbursements, 1886-1914 and 1917-1918; Monthly Abstracts of Receipts and Disbursements, 1886-1902; and General Abstracts, 1921-1985 with gaps. Some volumes are in extremely poor condition.

Record of rents

Identifier: 2410.002
Scope and Contents Records of rents received for use of city-owned properties. Properties include Faneuil Hall, Faneuil Hall Market, Old State House, surplus school buildings and fire stations, etc. Includes Rent book, 1819-1852; Rent receipt book, 1850-1853; Rent book "B" and "C", 1882-1915; and Rent books, 1919-1940.

Record of return of votes from the several wards in the City of Boston

Identifier: 4700.004
Scope and Contents Returns, certified by the City Clerk, of all votes cast in elections. Volumes from 1822-1877 do not include Common Council returns.

Record of returns of votes by precinct

Identifier: 4700.005
Scope and Contents Record of returns of votes cast by ward and precinct.

Record of suits against the city

Identifier: 2400.006
Scope and Contents Record of suits against the City in which summonses have been served upon the City Treasurer for 1881-1899 and ?-1927. Includes date, name of plaintiff, attachment, course of action, and date returnable to Superior Court and Municipal Court.

Record of trustees

Identifier: 2100.010
Scope and Contents Includes a list of trustees and their addresses, who or what they were trustees of, their address, and the value of and items held in trust.

Record of unpaid drafts

 Series — Volumes: 1-2
Identifier: 2400.004
Scope and Contents Lists of unpaid drafts with disposition of item.

Record of votes cast at special elections

Identifier: 4700.006
Scope and Contents Records of votes cast at special elections held in individual wards.

Records of joint stock companies

Identifier: 0301.023
Scope and Contents Includes two volumes of corporation records filed with the City Clerk, 1865-1871 and three index volumes, 1851-1871.

Records of qualifications (oaths of office)

Identifier: 0300.002
Scope and Contents note This collection includes records of oaths sworn by Elected Officials, Major Officers, Minor Officers and Police Officers. The volumes include the oath sworn on the conditions expressed by the Statutes of the Commonwealth and the Ordinances of the City along with the signatures of those taking the oath. The Elected Officials volumes include the Mayor and City Council members. School committee members and the Suffolk County Register of Deeds are included in the 1938-2004 Elected Officials...

Recruiting Committee publication

Identifier: 0200.021
Scope and Contents Published by order of the Recruiting Committee: "Recruiting System of the City of Boston together with a Statement of the Bounty Paid to Volunteers by the State and United States."

Register of Boston Public School teachers and index

Identifier: 0415.005
Scope and Contents Alphabetical List of Instructors of the Boston Public Schools, 1876-1901 and Registry of Instructors, 1901-1906?.

Register of tax notice

 Series — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0301.025
Scope and Contents Massachusetts General Laws chapter 60, sec. 39, states if a mortgagee or an owner of land causes a notice, designating a place in the town where such land lies at which all papers relative to taxes on such land which are to be served on him may be left, is to be recorded in January of any year in the office of the clerk of such town and, during said month, to be delivered to the collector. Includes one volume of notices filed with the City Clerk's Office from 1903-1936.

Registration of cropped dog ears

 Series — Box: City Clerk 1
Identifier: 0301.027
Scope and Contents Chapter 347 of the Acts of 1928 required filing with the City Clerk's Office of dogs whose ears were cropped or cut off prior to September 1, 1928 or amputated by a veterinarian. Includes notices filed 1928-1941.


Identifier: 0301.017
Scope and Contents According to Sections 8, 21, and 70 of Chapter 12 of the Massachusetts General Laws, physicians, chiropodists and optometrists are required to register with the City Clerk. Includes Physician certificates, 1917-1998; Chiropodist certificates, 1917-1946; and Optometrist certificates, 1920-1958.