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Licensing Board correspondence

Identifier: 8400.003
Scope and Contents Outgoing correspondence from the Boston Licensing Board. Includes one letter copy book of correspondence from 1952 February 15-October 8.

Licensing Division records

Identifier: 0241.002
Scope and Contents This series documents the correspondence of Mayor Maurice J. Tobin's Licensing Division. Correspondence from between 1940 and 1945. The correspondence is both loose and pasted into a scrapbook. Mayor Tobin's Licensing Division's correspondence primarily pertains to the use of public space by organizations. Organizations include the United States Coast Guard and the Boston Socialist Labor Party.

Liquor license files

Identifier: 8400.001
Scope and Contents note This series includes 261 cubic feet of records. The liquor license files generally each cover a five year period for an address. The six series are 1980-1985; 1986-1990; 1991-1995; 1996-2000; 2001-2004; and 2005-2009. The two exceptions to the 5 year file are the first series and the fifth series. The first and the third series are filed by type of license and within each type of license alphabetically by street address. The second, fourth, fifth and sixth series are filed alphabetically by...

List of Accepted Streets in the City of Boston, 1700-1867 inclusive

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0300.018
Scope and Contents The list records all streets which have been formally accepted, 1700-1867 inclusive, based on an examination of the records of the Town and City. Includes name of street with year in which street was recognized by the proper authorities as a public highway.

List of Jurors drawn

Identifier: 0301.034
Scope and Contents Lists of names of individuals drawn for jury service. Includes date drawn and court of service.

List of Qualified Male Voters

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 4700.003
Scope and Contents note Printed list of qualified male voters for 1889 kept in the Mayor's Office.

Lists of Call men

Identifier: 0500.008
Scope and Contents note Registers recording names of firemen, engine company, date admitted and discharged. Beginning in 1837, compensation was given to firemen who served for six consecutive months with the same engine company.

Lists of constables appointed

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.032
Scope and Contents Printed lists of the names of constables appointed, 1877-1891.

Lists of Officials and Employees

Identifier: 2200.009
Scope and Contents Lists of Officials and Employees include the name, address, designation (job title), compensation, date of election or appointment, and for some years the date first entered the employ of the City or County for all officials and employees of the City of Boston and Suffolk County. Volumes exist for the years 1888 and 1905-1966 excluding 1919 and 1921.

Lists of special laws and statutes

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.038
Scope and Contents Handwritten lists of Special Laws and Statutes of the Massachusetts Legislature relating to the City of Boston.

Lists of women returned by the Assessors

 Series — Volumes: 1-80
Identifier: 2100.006
Scope and Contents Lists of women's names and addresses arranged by ward and precinct.

Lodging House licenses (cancelled)

Identifier: 8400.008

Long Island Hospital records

Identifier: 7020.004

Longfellow School photograph

Identifier: 0420.045
Scope and Contents Photograph of Longfellow class, circa 1908.

Louise Day Hicks papers

Identifier: 9800.015
Scope and Contents note The Louise Day Hicks papers consist of two boxes of various documents written and collected by Louise Days Hicks during the 1970s. The papers include correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and legal documents. Many of the papers detail the period of public school desegregation and busing in Boston during the 1970s. The correspondence is the most extensive part of the collection and includes letters written mostly between the years 1974 and 1975 which are addressed to Louise...

Lowell School photograph

 Item — Frame: 1
Identifier: 0420.073
Scope and Contents Framed photograph of the Class of 1925.

Madison Park High School yearbook

Identifier: 0420.046
Scope and Contents Yearbook for 1979.

Manuals of the Public Schools of the City of Boston

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 0400.001
Scope and Contents note Manual of the Public Schools of the City of Boston is a serial publication, which includes listings of schools, school districts, school officials and employees in the School Department of the City of Boston. The collection includes manuals from 1869-1973 with gaps. The volume for 1972 is entitled “Directory of the Public Schools of the City of Boston” and the volume for 1973 is entitled “Personnel Directory of the Public Schools of the City of Boston. The collection consists of 68 volumes. The...

Marcella-street Home records

Identifier: 8503.001
Scope and Contents note The records for the Marcella-street Home consist of only one volume. This volume is a register of those children sentenced by the court who entered the Marcella-street Home from its opening in April 1877 through its closing in November 1898. The Marcella-street Home housed only boys from the time of its opening until 1881 when girls were transferred there from the Almshouse at Deer Island. Entries for girls begin to appear in the register in October 1881. The register recorded a...

Margaret Fuller School photographs

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0420.037
Scope and Contents Includes class photographs from 1972-1975, 1978-1984, 1986-1988, 1991 and 2000.

Married Women doing Business certificates

Identifier: 0301.011
Scope and Contents note This collection represents the records that were created and collected by the clerk’s office as a result of Statute 1862, c.198, the Certificate of Married Women doing Business on a Separate Account. Each certificate filed includes her name and the name of her husband, the nature of the business and location, the street and number of the location. Should any woman fail to record her separate business the husband was allowed to do so on her behalf. The certificate also lists the date and time...

Mary Hemenway School photographs

Identifier: 0420.043
Scope and Contents Class portraits from 1940 and 1947.

Mather School photographs and diploma

Identifier: 0420.049
Scope and Contents Includes panoramic photographs of the graduating classes of 1922-1923, 1925, 1927-1928, 1930, 1932, 1934-1935, 1938-1939, 1941 and 1945-1952; and a diploma from 1932.

Mayor Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr. records

Identifier: 0216.001
Scope and Contents Includes one letter to Mayor Lincoln from Massachusetts Governor John Andrew regarding militia service bounties, 1863.

Mayor Frederick W. Mansfield collection

Identifier: 0240.001
Scope and Contents note This series contains 10 boxes of scrapbooks, 1 box of ephemera (in box 11), and 1 box of framed certificates (in box 12). The only notable gaps in time between scrapbooks are August 13 1934 - September 29, 1934 and September 3, 1935 and October 8, 1935. Box 11 contains a guest book ranging from February 7, 1934 to January 31, 1938, four copies of speeches (1 inauguration speech, and 3 annual addresses), 2 pages of a copied newspaper article, and a pamphlet issued to attendees of the...

Mayor James M. Curley collection

Identifier: 0237.001
Scope and Contents The Mayor James M. Curley collection includes materials created by and created about James Michael Curley during his long political career. The collection includes materials pertaining to periods during his time as Mayor of Boston as well as during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts and as member of the United States House of Representatives. The collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks, speeches, audiovisual materials, writings, and various forms of memorabilia. Included with the...

Mayor John B. Hynes collection

Identifier: 0243.001
Scope and Contents The Mayor John B. Hynes collection contains personal papers of the former mayor collected after his time in office. The papers include personal correspondence, employment and miltary service records, and various forms of personal memorabilia including certificates, awards, diplomas, poetry and writings, photographs, newspaper clippings, and multiple scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings and articles from Hynes's early tenure as mayor in 1950 and 1951.

Mayor John F. Collins photographs

Identifier: 0244.002
Scope and Contents Photographs documenting the administration of Mayor John F. Collins, 1960-1967.

Mayor John F. Collins records

Identifier: 0244.001
Scope and Contents Records of the administration of Mayor John F. Collins, 1960-1967. Includes correspondence, subject files, reports, briefings, speeches, photographs and memorabilia.

Mayor John F. Fitzgerald publications

Identifier: 0235.001
Scope and Contents One published volume of "Letters and Speeches of the Honorable John F. Fitzgerald, 1906-1907, 1910-1913" and one published volume of "The Advance of Boston-a Pictorial Review of Municipal Progress of this City during Four Years 1910-1913."

Mayor Joseph Wightman portrait

 Item — Box: 1
Identifier: 0217.001
Scope and Contents Portrait of Mayor Joseph Wightman who served as Mayor of Boston in 1861-1862. This portrait was most likely created circa 1880-1900 as part of the set of portraits of Mayors which were hung in the Old City Hall. It is a photographic portrait on a metal plate and measures 15" x 18".

Mayor Kevin H. White records

Identifier: 0245.001
Scope and Contents note When Mayor Kevin H. White left office in 1983, he gifted the records of his administration to the Boston Public Library, as at that time there was no city archives. The records were closed sometime after that by the Attorney General and research was restricted. In the early 1990s, Dick Dray, a former advisor under Mayor White, doing business as Boston Research Associates, attempted to organize and describe the records with the intention of writing a book on Mayor White. At some point, this...

Mayor Malcolm E. Nichols collection

Identifier: 0239.001
Scope and Contents note A majority of the documents in this collection, particularly correspondences, are from the years after Nichols was city mayor. Many of the documents are speeches written by Nichols for radio addresses to the public as well as general addresses, lectures, and commencements. There are two photographs in this collection and two books. One book contains circulars, newspaper clippings, and campaign ephemera, all from 1925. The second book, titled "The Standard Diary 1933" contains...

Mayor Maurice J. Tobin scrapbooks

Identifier: 0241.001
Scope and Contents note The records in this series include scrapbooks containing solely newspaper clippings. Box 1 contains a black book with no visible volume number that contains newspaper clippings from Tobin's campaigning days. Boxes 1 and 2 cover the years 1940 to 1942 which is the bulk of Tobin's time as mayor and neither box contains notable gaps. Box 3 continues the timeline of prior 2 boxes but with an 8 month gap between the last two volumes and the volume before it. Box #4 is timelined from 1942 to 1944...

Mayor Raymond L. Flynn records

Identifier: 0246.001
Scope and Contents note The Mayor Raymond L. Flynn collection includes the records of the mayoral administration of Raymond L. Flynn, the 46th Mayor of Boston, who served from 1984-1993. The collection is divided into the following series: I. Subject files; II. Briefings; III: Correspondence; IV. Issue files; V. Press Office records; VI. Reports and publications; VII. Executive orders; VIII. A/V material; and IX. Artifacts. The records of the Flynn administration document the many issues facing the City of Boston...

Mayor Thomas M. Menino records

Identifier: 0247-001

Mayor Thomas M. Menino records

Identifier: 0247.001

Mayor Thomas N. Hart collection

Identifier: 0229.001

Mayoral addresses

 Series — Box: 1-4
Identifier: 0200.001
Scope and Contents Includes two compilation volumes of adresses from 1822-1867 and printed copies of annual and inaugural addresses of the Mayor from 1824-1980 with gaps.

Mayor's approvals

Identifier: 2200.020

Mayor's approvals

Identifier: 0500.012
Scope and Contents note This series consists of chronological bound volumes of letters (letters were later replaced by standardized forms) written by the City of Boston Fire Commissioner to the Mayor requesting approval for myriad personnel and financial matters. Approval requests regarding personnel matters include those for new hires, retirements, salary/wage increases, reinstatements, pension enrollments for widows, and pension allotments for those who were injured on the job. Some requests for vacation time for...

Mayor's drafts

Identifier: 2400.001
Scope and Contents Requests by the Mayor to the City Treasurer to pay persons named the sums listed. From 1820-1822, the requests are made by the Selectmen.

Mayor's Office of Cable Communications filings

 Collection — Box: 3, Drawer: 1, Box: 5
Identifier: 0301.003
Scope and Contents note This collection consists of the copies of records filed in the Office of the City Clerk by the Mayor’s Office of Cable Communications for public inspection pursuant to 207 CMR (Code of Massachusetts Regulations) 3.00. These records span the dates 1980 – 2003, with bulk dates of 1980 – 1984 and 1996 - 2003. Present within these records are proposals/applications, reports, correspondence, documents pertaining to public hearings, plans and maps, contracts, and cable licenses. There is also an...

Mayor's Office of Community Development records

Identifier: 7650.001
Scope and Contents Includes administrative files, program files, Director's files, subject files, correspondence and photographs. This collection is unprocessed.

Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice records

 Record Group
Identifier: 0278.001
Scope and Contents Records of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice formerly called the Mayor's Safe Street Act Advisory Committee. Includes forms, correspondence and directives concerning MOCJ and LEAA policies and procedures and project files for each awarded grant consisting of grant applications, related budget and contract documents, and project reports. This collection is unprocessed.

Mayor's Office of Housing records

Identifier: 0282.001

Mayor's Office of Special Events photograph collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 0272.002

Medical Examiner records

Identifier: 0500.021
Scope and Contents Includes logs of the Fire Department medical examiner documenting sickness and injuries of Fire Department personnel, 1894-1928 with gaps.


Identifier: 0100.006
Scope and Contents Memorial volumes ordered to be printed by the City Council. Includes memorials of prominent men, anniversary celebrations and dedications of buildings and monuments.

Meridian Street Bridge photographs

Identifier: 5010.007
Scope and Contents This set of photographs was most likely taken by members of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The photographs shows various cargo ships and other vessels transiting the Chelsea Creek (aka Chelsea River) and passing through the Meridian Street Bridge in East Boston.

M.I.S. publications

Identifier: 7510.001

Mission Hill Triangle Architectural Conservation District hearing audiotapes

Identifier: 5216.001
Scope and Contents Includes audiotapes of hearings, 1981-2004.

Model Cities Administration records

 Collection — Box: 16
Identifier: 8100.001
Scope and Contents Includes Executive Director files, administrative files, general files, committee minutes, Model Neighborhood Board minutes and files, budgets, reports, policies and procedures, and publications. This collection is unprocessed.

Monthly statements

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2420.002
Scope and Contents Printed copies of the monthly statements of the Sinking Funds submitted to the Mayor and City Council.

Morgan et al. v. Hennigan et al. and related cases files

Identifier: 0700.028
Scope and Contents note This collection consists of records of the City's Law Department concerning the "School Cases" relating to desegregation in the late 1960s-1970s. The major case represented in this collection is Tallulah Morgan et al. v. James Hennigan et al. (later known as Morgan v. Kerrigan, Morgan v. McDonough, Morgan v. Sullivan, etc. due to the changes in the School Committee presidency). Also included in this collection are files of the following two cases: Boston School Committee v. Board of Education...

Morgan v. Hennigan working files

Identifier: 0450.003-I
Scope and Contents This collection has been arranged in five series spanning from 1975 to 1993: Office of Superintendent's Morgan Case Master File; Morgan Case Files; Log Officer’s Correspondence File; Subject File; and Lawsuits Other Than Morgan. The working papers in the case files contain drafts, memos, notes, etc. documenting the thought process behind the official record. Papers in this collection include original drafts of defendants’ answers to complaints; orders; memoranda; motions; depositions; rulings;...

Mortgages of personal property

Identifier: 0301.009
Scope and Contents Mortgages of Personal Property filed with the City Clerk's Office. Personal property mortgages were filed separately up until the enactment of the Uniform Commercial Code in 1958. Includes grantor/grantee indexes, 1832-1854; grantor indexes, 1854-1954; grantee indexes, 1870-1958; entry books, 1853-1956; record of mortgages, 1832-1958; and a consolidated grantor index of mortgages and tax liens, 1959-1973.

Mt. Hope Cemetery cashbooks

 Series — Volumes: 1-15
Identifier: 4411.002
Scope and Contents Cashbooks for Mt. Hope Cemetery from 1886-1923. Volumes for 1916-1918 missing. Includes owner of lot, undertaker, person buried and location of lot.

Mt. Hope Cemetery records

Identifier: 4411.001
Scope and Contents note The Mt. Hope Cemetery collection consists of 47 cubic feet of records and spans the period of 1876-2002 with gaps. Among the records of Mt. Hope Cemetery are burial permits and orders from 1926-1956, foundation orders from 1905-1939, orders from 1903-1939, records of permits from 1876, lots and prep care, deeds 1929-1939, lot sales from 1917-1936, receipts from 1930-1936, interment orders from 1953-1967 with gaps, and field interment orders from 1953-2002 with gaps.

Municipal Registers

Identifier: 0100.004

N.A.A.C.P. v. Boston Housing Authority case files

Identifier: 0700.023

Negotiation files

Identifier: 2600.001
Scope and Contents Files of the Office of Labor Relations relating to collective bargaining negotiations with city employee unions. The bulk of the files cover the period 1970-1990.

Neighborhood Development and Employment Agency records

Identifier: 7620.001
Scope and Contents Includes administrative files, financial records, applications, case files and project publicity files. This collection is unprocessed.

Neighborhood Services publication

 Item — Publications: PB 23
Identifier: 0276.001

New Suffolk County Courthouse contracts

Identifier: 2200.017
Scope and Contents Two bound volumes of contracts executed for the construction of the new Suffolk County Courthouse at Pemberton Square. Includes contracts, specifications and correspondence.

News clippings

Identifier: 5060.007
Scope and Contents One volume of news clippings of court decisions relating to streets.

News clippings

Identifier: 0400.007
Scope and Contents Includes scrapbooks of news clippings, 1941-1943 and 1946-1958 and news clippings compiled by the Office of Communications, April 1985-February 1988 and 1993-2000 on topics relating to the Boston Public Schools.


Identifier: 9800.001
Scope and Contents Includes issues of the Boston Chronicle, 2-9 May 1768 and the Columbian Centinel, 31 January 1795.

Notice of Interest in Contracts

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.039

Notices of filing application to become a citizen

Identifier: 0301.035
Scope and Contents Notices filed with the City Clerk of applications to become a citizen by Section 3 of Chapter 345 of the Acts of 1885. Includes one volume recording filings, 1885-1895 and filings, 1885-1900.

Notices of Street Improvements

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.043

Notices of valuables found

 Series — Box: City Clerk 1
Identifier: 0301.029
Scope and Contents Includes notices of livestock, money and other valuables found in the city.

Nuisance complaints

Identifier: 7010.003
Scope and Contents Includes two volumes documenting complaints of nuisances and disposition of complaints for 1825-1826 and 1828.


Identifier: 0300.003
Scope and Contents Objects kept in the custody of the City Clerk. Includes a gold pen belonging to the Clerk of the Common Council from 1845, the baton used by the Chief Marshals at the parades celebrating the 250th and 350th anniversary of the settlement of Boston, the city seals of Boston, Roxbury and Hyde Park, a minor's bootblack badge and a minor's newsboy badge.

Office of the City Clerk records

Identifier: 0300.001
Scope and Contents note This collection includes administrative files and reference files from the Office of the City Clerk. The collection is divided into 7 series - Series I: Card index, Series II: Correspondence, Series III: Opinions, Series IV: Inaugural Records, Series V: Administrative files, Series VI: Reference files, and Series VII: Reports. Series I is a consolidation of several card indexes used in the Clerk's Office from the early to mid 1900s. The card indexes include references to...

Office of the Mayor bills relating to the Anthony Burns case

 Series — Box: Early Records #5, Folder: 7
Identifier: 0200.020
Scope and Contents note This collection contains bills and receipts in conncection with the military services of various cavalry, infantry, and artillery units of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. Payments are detailed for ammunitions supplies such as musket balls, carbine cartridges, and ball cartridges purchased from William Read. Co. The file also includes several writs of attachment which seem to have resulted from a contractual dispute over unpaid bills for refreshments for the Light Guards.

Office of the Mayor reports and publications

Identifier: 0200.006
Scope and Contents Collection of publications produced by the Mayor's Office and various offices within the Mayor's Office on many topics relating to Boston.

Old Franklin School photograph

Identifier: 0420.036
Scope and Contents Undated photograph of the Old Franklin School in use as a veterans' post. The school was built in 1845.

Opinions of the Corporation Counsel

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.046

Opinions of the Corporation Counsel provided at the request of the City Auditor

Identifier: 2200.011
Scope and Contents note Legal opinions of the Corporation Counsel provided at the request of the City Auditor.

Opinions requested by City Council

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0301.042


Identifier: 9800.024

Organization of the City Government of Boston

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0100.005
Scope and Contents Pocket guides including the members of city government, department heads and rules and orders of the City Council. Includes guides for 1880-1882, 1888-1889, 1905, 1920, 1923-1927, 1929, 1931-1935, 1938, 1940-1948, 1950-1982, 1985-1993, 1996-2006.

Pamphlets relating to the Overseers of the Poor

Identifier: 8710.001
Scope and Contents Pamphlet published in 1823 by the Overseers of the Poor, providing their account of the controversy between the Overseers and the City Council pertaining to the authority over the Almshouse and the new House of Industry and two reports to the City Council from 1823 and 1825.

Papers relating to the Town Dock

 Series — Box: Early Records #1, Folder: 15-17
Identifier: 0300.022
Scope and Contents Bundle of "old papers and memorandum respecting the town's rights and the boundaries of estates on the dock with some old plans." Includes both original documents and extracts from town records.

Parks Commission proceedings

Identifier: 4400.002
Scope and Contents Microfilm copies of proceedings of Parks Commission, 1875-1963 with gaps. Original records remain in the custody of the Parks and Recreation Department. Includes summary minutes of the meetings of the Parks Commission. Original volumes (1875-1983 with gaps) have been scanned and are available on the Internet Archive.

Parks Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 4400.005
Scope and Contents Includes copies of annual reports for the years 1875-1877, 1881, 1885, 1887, 1889, 1892, 1894-1895, 1907, 1910, 1920, 1938-1954, 1956-1966, 1968-1970, 1972-1974, 1984 and 1989; "Notes on the Plan of Franklin Park and Related Matters", 1886; "Preliminary Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Department of Parks with Plans and Estimates for a Zoological Garden at Franklin Park and an Aquarium at Marine Park", 1910; "Special Report", 1925; "Future Parks, Playgrounds and Parkways", 1925; and...

Parks Department construction photographs

Identifier: 4400.003
Scope and Contents note The photographs in this collection represent visual documentation of various improvements to active and passive recreation facilities in Boston. The Parks and Recreation Department, Engineering Division administered the improvement projects. The photographs record work done by contractors and architects between 1968 adn 1984. They were a part of the City of Boston Archives accession #99013, which also contained maps and plans. The original order of the collection was adhered to with...

Parks Department legal records

Identifier: 4400.001
Scope and Contents note This series consists of 5.5 cubic feet of records from the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. The records cover the dates from 1880-1992, with bulk dates of 1885-1960. These records deal with various park projects of the Boston Parks Department (and its predecessors) from the 1880s through the early 1970s. Documents include land takings, deeds, land transfers, sales of land, leases, as well as other legal agreements between the Boston Parks Department (or its predecessors) and government...

Parks Department photographs and slides

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 4400.007

Parks Department plans

Identifier: 4400.004
Scope and Contents Boston Parks Department Engineering Division plans. Includes plans produced for Boston Common, Fens, Airport, Commonwealth Avenue, Franklin Park, Copley Square and other projects.

Parks Department records relating to the Zoo

Identifier: 4400.006
Scope and Contents note The documents in this series are primarily correspondence between zoo workers, exotic animal suppliers, and zoo patrons. The dates range from 1951 to 1957 during which time James A. Walsh was deputy commissioner of the Boston Parks Department; therefore, the majority of correspondences are to or from him. During this time period, the park was in a period of expansion and many documents refer to the cost of purchasing animals as well as park supplies. A notable example of this is the file title...

Patricia Corcoran papers

Identifier: 9800.016

Patrick T. Campbell School photographs

Identifier: 0420.022
Scope and Contents Panoramic photographs of the graduating classes of 1943, 1947-1950 and 1952-1954.

Payroll records

Identifier: 2200.018
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous records documenting payroll for various departments. Includes Fire Department, 1829-1868 with gaps; Schools, 1833-1870 with gaps; Police, 1869-1870; Water Works, 1869-1870; Chestnut Hill Reservoir, 1868-1869; Lamps, 1869-1870; Paving, 1869-1870; Health, 1868-1869, Auditing, 1875-1885; Welfare, 1920-1923; and Institutions, 1922-1923.