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Collective bargaining agreements

Identifier: 0301.031
Scope and Contents Copies of collective bargaining agreements between the City of Boston and City unions filed in the City Clerk's Office, 1965-1994.

Comins School photograph

Identifier: 0420.025
Scope and Contents Photograph of the Class of 1912.

Commission on the Height of Buildings proceedings

Identifier: 5470.001
Scope and Contents Includes minutes, hearing transcripts and orders of the Commission.

Commissioner Lieberman records

Identifier: 9702.003
Scope and Contents Collection of records donated by Ricki Lieberman who served as Commissioner of Aging from 1980-1984. Includes manual, reports to the Mayor, audio tapes, publications, artifact, etc.

Commissioner of Public Works correspondence files

Identifier: 5000.001
Scope and Contents This collection includes the incoming and outgoing correspondence files of the Commissioner of the Public Works Department from 1961-2010. It includes the files of Commissioner James W. Haley (1961-1965), Commissioner John F. Flaherty (1965-1968), Commissioner Joseph F. Casazza (1968-2007), and Chief of Public Works and Transportation Dennis Royer (2006-2010) The files are arranged alphabetically by subject and include correspondence along with reports, publications, photographs and other...

Commissioner William Good records

Identifier: 5400.001
Scope and Contents Correspondence and subject files of Commissioner William Good who served from 2004-2011. This collection is unprocessed.

Commissioner's bulletins

Identifier: 5400.002


Identifier: 2410.001
Scope and Contents Records documenting the collection of taxes for real estate, personal estate and polls. Usually lists name, amount of tax assessed and amount paid or abated.

Committee for Superintending the School for Mutual Instruction records

 Collection — Box: Early Records #1, Folder: 1-4
Identifier: 0401.001
Scope and Contents note This collection consists of three series: Series I - Committee correspondence and reports; Series II - Reports on attendence and tokens; and Series III - Observation reports. Series I includes correspondence, votes, reports, and records of the business of the Committee. One significant item is a detailed description by William B. Fowle of his visit to the Free Schools in New York City. Series II includes the reports of the schoolmaster, William B. Fowle, which provided attendance statements,...

Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety minutes [transcript]

 Item — Box: Early Records #5, Folder: 9
Identifier: 0300.015
Scope and Contents Twentieth century transcription of minutes of the Boston Committee of Correspondence Inspection and Safety from 1776. The minutes from 1776 appear in the "List of Records in the Custody of the City Clerk's Department" published in 1899. However, the location of the original minutes is unknown at this time. This typewritten transcript appears to have been produced sometime in the twentieth century.

Committee on Accounts proceedings

Identifier: 2200.001
Scope and Contents note The ordinance passed August 2, 1824 establishing the position of Auditor of Accounts also established a joint committee of the City Council as part of a new system of accountability in the expenditures of the City. Includes the proceedings of the meetings of the Committee on Accounts.

Committee on Building a New Courthouse records

 Series — Box: Early Records #2, Folder: 6-7
Identifier: 0140.028
Scope and Contents Committee correspondence, reports and papers concerning the construction of a new Courthouse. Includes correspondence from Architect Alexander Parris.

Committee on Finance reports

 Series — Publications: PB 002
Identifier: 1000.002

Committee on Licenses proceedings

Identifier: 5420.001
Scope and Contents note Minutes and hearing lists of the meetings of the Public Safety Commission, Committee on Licenses.

Committee on Licenses records

Identifier: 5420.003
Scope and Contents Miscellaneous records of the Committee on Licenses. Includes hearing transcripts, correspondence, lists and applications for used car dealerships, revocations and applications for open air parking space licenses. This collection is unprocessed.

Committee on Public Lands agreements and records

Identifier: 0140.015

Committee on Sale of Lands near Court Street (County Lands) records

 Series — Box: Early Records #2, Folder: 3-5
Identifier: 0300.023
Scope and Contents Appointed by the Court of Common Pleas, the Committee was responsible for the sale at public auction of all lands with appurtenances lying between the County Courthouse and Court Street. Includes correspondence, deeds, etc.

Committee on Urban Renewal records

Identifier: 0140.030
Scope and Contents Urban renewal plans and applications referred to the City Council Committee on Urban Renewal. Includes Government Center, West End, Charlestown, Campus High, Downtown-Waterfront-Faneuil Hall, Central Business District and others.

Common Council badge

 Item — Box: Artifact Box 1
Identifier: 0100.011
Scope and Contents note Badges were issued to members of the Common Council. Includes badge of Lyman H. Bigelow who served on the Common Council in 1884.

Common Victuallers licenses (cancelled)

Identifier: 8400.007

Complaint register

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0200.003
Scope and Contents Register recording complaints made to the Mayor's Office from 1885-1888. Includes date, name of person, complaint and disposition.

Complaints against dogs

 Series — Box: City Clerk 1
Identifier: 0301.030
Scope and Contents Complaints against dangerous dogs filed with the City Clerk's Office.

Concerts on the Common files

Identifier: 0700.021

Consent decree files of the court-appointed master

Identifier: 9000.010
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. As the result of a suit brought against BHA in the Housing Court of the City of Boston, the court in 1975 appointed a master to oversee BHA's management. Consent decree files of the court-appointed master were created and maintained by the master in carrying out...

Contract and lease index

Identifier: 2200.015
Scope and Contents note Index to contracts, 1865-1895 and leases, 1865-1904. Contracts section lists contractors, object and date completed.


Identifier: 2200.014
Scope and Contents Includes select contracts retained for historical purposes. Includes contracts for school buildings, public works and other significant projects.

Contracts and leases

Identifier: 0301.012
Scope and Contents note The City Contracts collection consists of records from 1852-1869, with the bulk of materials from 1862-1869. There is a small amount of leases for apartment buldings, but the majority of the records deal with either the construction of public buildings or the maintenance of Boston. There are numerous contracts for New City Hall, City Hospital, Public Garden, and school houses. These have been grouped together into a subseries for each prospective year (i.e., records for school houses in 1862...

Contracts and specifications

Identifier: 0430.002
Scope and Contents note This series consists of a set of bound volumes of contracts and specifications for school buildings, 1902-1938 with gaps. The set is numbered volumes I-XVLI. Volumes VI, VII and X are missing.

Copley High School yearbook

 Item — Publications: 1
Identifier: 0420.078
Scope and Contents Yearbook for Copley High School from 1980.

Correspondence files of the court-appointed master

Identifier: 9000.012
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. As the result of a suit brought against BHA in the Housing Court of the City of Boston, the court in 1975 appointed a master to oversee BHA's management. Correspondence files of the court-appointed master were created and maintained as a result of orders issued...

County drafts of the Municipal Court

 Series — Volumes: 1-5
Identifier: 2430.014
Scope and Contents Includes County drafts for Police Court, 1864-1867; County drafts for Municipal Court for criminal business, 1867-1879; and County drafts for Municipal Court for Civil business, 1867-1879. Includes record of bills for charges and expenses arising in said court.

Court-appointed master's draft report to Housing Court of the City of Boston

Identifier: 9000.008
Scope and Contents Since 1935 the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has been responsible for planning, building, and managing housing for low-income families and the elderly in Boston, Massachusetts, with financial assistance from state and federal agencies. As the result of a suit brought against BHA in the Housing Court of the City of Boston, the court in 1975 appointed a master to oversee BHA's management. The master's draft report to the court was prepared pursuant to an order dated May 22, 1975, stipulating...

Curriculum Guides and Courses of Study

Identifier: 0400.003
Scope and Contents Includes copies of courses of study and curriculum guides for the Boston Public Schools. Courses of study and curriculum guides may also be found in the School Committee Annual Reports and Documents series.

Debt records

Identifier: 2200.006
Scope and Contents The Debt records document all the debt of the City of Boston. This includes the City Debt, the Water Debt, and any additional bonds or notes issued by the City. Also included are records for the City’s Sinking Fund; the Sinking Fund serves as a means by which the City pays down its debt.

Declarations of Trust

Identifier: 0301.002
Scope and Contents note The Declarations of Trust are filed chronologically by date of filing in City Clerk's Office. Entries for the Declarations of Trust filed between 1909-1983 are included in the indexes to the Business Certificates. For the index from 1984-2011, contact the City Clerk's Office.

Deeds relating to sewers

Identifier: 5040.006
Scope and Contents Includes deeds, releases, agreements, contracts, plans, and correspondence relating to sewers.

Deeds to City Property, etc.

Identifier: 2200.003
Scope and Contents note This collection includes records of deeds of property to the City of Boston, etc. that were filed with the City Auditor's Office. The types of instruments included are street deeds, quitclaim deeds, agreements, easements, partial releases of mortgages, release of damages, warranty deeds, etc. The records relate primarily to properties taken or purchased for school, police and fire purposes, laying out and widening streets, and other city departments and functions. The collection includes...

Demolished building permit files ("Takedowns")

Identifier: 5410.001
Scope and Contents Building permit files of demolished buildings, also called "Takedowns." File jacket usually includes original building permit, permits for repair or renovation, violation notices, correspondence and permit to repair or raze (Takedown permit).

Demolished building (takedowns) photographs

Identifier: 5410.002
Scope and Contents Photograph files of buildings ordered razed by the City of Boston. Photographs document condition of building just prior to demolition and usually include photograph of lot after demolition.

Demolition delay files

Identifier: 5210.002
Scope and Contents Includes Demolition delay review files #1-#2055 from 1995-2016.

Department of Implementation records

Identifier: 0450.001

Department of Neighborhood Development adminstrative files

Identifier: 7600.006
Scope and Contents Administrative records of the Department of Neighborhood Development from 1979-2008

Department of School Buildings annual reports

Identifier: 0430.003
Scope and Contents Includes copies of the annual reports of the Schoolhouse Department/Department of School Buildings for the years 1901-1915, 1918-1919, 1921, 1925, 1928, 1934-1935, 1943-1946, 1948-1949, 1951, and 1963-1965. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Department of School Health Services subject files

Identifier: 0431.001
Scope and Contents note The records of the Department of School Health services include subject files on a variety of topics including departmental budgets, polio, immunizations, school nurses and physicians, drugs, dental issues, vision and hearing and other medical issues. There are a small number of photographs in the collection. Records have been redacted when necessary. Records that have been removed from the collection are exempt from the public records law due to personnel and medical issues.

Department of Statistics records

Identifier: 0450.005
Scope and Contents The Department of Statistics collection is 2 cubic feet and contains files from 1967 to 1973 pertaining to Boston Public Schools students and teachers. The original arrangement of the collection has been maintained, they are arranged in reverse chronological order by school year. Each years files contain statistics gathered through questionaires and surveys as well as the questionaires and surveys themselves. A large portion of these statistics were used for the annual statistics report and...

Department of Student Support Services records

Identifier: 0432.001
Scope and Contents Includes administrative files, correspondence and reports. This collection is unprocessed.

Department vehicle accident reports

Identifier: 0500.020
Scope and Contents Includes reports for accidents involving Fire Department vehicles from 1963-1989. Some photographs are included for major accidents.

Deputy Mayor Katherine Kane collection

Identifier: 0245.003
Scope and Contents Records donated by former Deputy Mayor Katherine Kane who served under Mayor Kevin H. White. Includes records relating to Boston 200, Cultural Affairs and the Arts. This collection is unprocessed.

Deputy Superintendent's Memoranda

Identifier: 0410.004
Scope and Contents Memorandum circulated to cluster leaders, headmasters, principals and other administrative heads by the Deputy Superintendents, 1978-1990 and 1992-1999.

Desegregation related grants

Identifier: 0450.004
Scope and Contents The Desegregation related Grants Collection is arranged into 8 series: I. Chapter 636; II. Management Information Services Evaluation Reports; III. Office of Planning and Policy; IV. O'Connor, Thomas Evaluation Specialist; V. Gorham, Thomas Office of Chapter 636 Evaluation Specialist; VI. Hunt, Martin University Liaison, Chapter 636; VII. Horoschak, Peter Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent; and VIII. McCabe, Robert Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent.The Chapter 636...

Disbursements of State Aid to disabled soldiers and sailors

Identifier: 6410.001
Scope and Contents note Monthly payments of allowances of State Aid to disabled soldiers and sailors, and to the families of those killed in the Civil War were made by the City Treasurer at the Charity Building to persons designated by the Board of Aldermen. The Soldiers' Relief Department took over this responsibility in 1897. Includes records of disbursements of state aid from 1861-1898.

Division of Health Inspections records

Identifier: 5430.001
Scope and Contents note Includes copies of permits issued for milk wholesalers, funeral directors, sale of frozen desserts, massage/vapor baths, etc., circa 1977-1988; complaints of violations, circa 1978- 1986; and temporary food service applications, 1992-1994. This collection is unprocessed.

Dorchester High School collection

Identifier: 0420.027
Scope and Contents Records of Dorchester High School, Dorchester High School for Boys and Dorchester High School for Girls. Includes administrative records, textbooks, framed copy of the first issue of "The Shrine" 1855, student magazines, programs, framed map of Dorchester from 1930, artifacts, photographs and yearbooks. Artifacts include DHS pins and a megaphone. Photographs include Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Fencing teams from the early 1900s; various classroom and school scenes from the early 1900s;...

Dormitory licenses (cancelled)

Identifier: 8400.009

Driveway permit applications

Identifier: 5000.007

Dudley School publications

Identifier: 0420.028
Scope and Contents Published copies of "The Dudley Record", a student newspaper, from 1911-1915.

East Boston High School photographs and film

Identifier: 0420.029
Scope and Contents Includes photographs of football teams from 1975-1979 and 1981-1982 and film reels of football games from 1975-1978.

Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) publications

Identifier: 4020.001
Scope and Contents Includes publications produced by EDIC relating to Economic Development and program activities.

Edward Everett School records

Identifier: 0420.032
Scope and Contents Includes Exhibition programs, 1875-1883, 1885-1886; graduation programs, 1887-1894, 1897-1919; and Edward Everett Evening School graduation program from 1925; photographs, circa 1900-1936; and copy books of Florence Lurie, 1909.

Elbridge Smith School photographs

Identifier: 0420.061
Scope and Contents Class portraits from 1940 and 1947.

Elderly Commission newspapers and photographs

Identifier: 9702.001
Scope and Contents Issues of the newsletter "Boston Seniority" published by the City of Boston Elderly Commission. Collection of photographs published in the newsletter "Boston Seniority" by the City of Boston Elderly Commission. Subjects include views of Boston, activities of the Elderly Commission, individuals and buildings.

Elderly Commission publications

Identifier: 9702.004
Scope and Contents Publications produced by or for the Elderly Commission.

Election Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 4700.010
Scope and Contents Includes copies of annual reports for the years 1924, 1926-1928, 1930-1932, 1934-1935, 1937, 1939-1953, 1956, 1960, 1963, 1969-1981, 1991; "Ordinance Defining New Boundaries of Wards", 1875; "Lists of Streets, Avenues, Courts, Places, etc.", 1880 and 1896; "Act to Provide for Printing and Distributing Ballots at the Public Expense and to Regulate Voting...Being the So-called Australian Ballot Law", 1889; "Report of Special Committee on New Division of Wards into Voting Precincts", 1889; "List...

Election Department scrapbook

 Item — Oversize: 1
Identifier: 4700.009
Scope and Contents Scrapbook of forms used by the Election Commissioners. Includes registration forms, nomination papers, ballots, ward map, instructions, certificates of Election, polling location posters, etc.

Election scrapbooks

Identifier: 0300.014
Scope and Contents note Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting election results, 1867-1901.

Elementary Principals Association records

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: 9800.005
Scope and Contents Includes minutes, correspondence, etc. of the Elementary Principals Association in the Boston Public Schools.

Emergency Shelter Commission publication

Identifier: 9703.001

Employee earnings reports

Identifier: 2200.021

Employee indentification badge

Identifier: 2100.024
Scope and Contents Employee indentification badge of James J. Byrne, Assessing Department with photograph.

Employment and Economic Policy Administration records

Identifier: 7640.001
Scope and Contents Includes administrative files, contract files, program files, grants, correspondence and financial records of the EEPA. This collection is unprocessed.

Engineering Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 5020.004
Scope and Contents Includes three bound volumes of City Engineer's reports for 1875-1897; "Tabular Representation of the Present Condition of Boston in relation to Railroad Facilities, Foreign Commerce, Population, Wealth, Manufactures, etc.", 1851; "Prevention of Floods in the Valley of Stony Brook", 1886; "Lists of Maps of Boston published between 1614 and 1822", 1902; "Lists of Maps of Boston published between 1600 and 1903", 1903; "Lists of Maps of Boston published Subsequent to 1600", 1904; and "Series of...

Engineering Department correspondence

Identifier: 5020.002
Scope and Contents Five outgoing letter-copy volumes of Engineering Department - Survey Division and Street Laying-Out Department - Engineering Division correspondence. Includes volumes from 1904-1926 and 1932-1941.

Engineering Department scrapbook and badge

Identifier: 5020.003
Scope and Contents Scrapbook of H.G. Botsford containing photographs documenting work with the Engineering Department of the City of Boston, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. Also includes City of Boston Engineering Department badge.

Engineering Division plan books

Identifier: 5020.008

Engineering Division plans

Identifier: 5020.001
Scope and Contents Engineering Department and Public Works Department, Highway Division plans for streets, retaining walls, sea walls, edgestones, etc. Includes two sets of plans: OB# plans and OC# plans.

English High School yearbooks

Identifier: 0420.031
Scope and Contents Yearbooks for 1949 and 1977.

Enrolled militia

Identifier: 0300.016
Scope and Contents Lists of enrolled militia for the years 1844-1862, 1864 and 1867.

Environment Department publications

Identifier: 5200.001
Scope and Contents Includes "Charles to Charles", a report on the need to preserve open space along the Charles river, 1972; and three successive publications for 1995, 1996, and 1997 entitled "Environmental Blueprint" outlining an environmental plan and action agenda for the City of Boston.


Identifier: 0200.010

Everett School diploma

Identifier: 0420.033
Scope and Contents Diploma from 1916.

Evergreen Cemetery records

Identifier: 4412.001
Scope and Contents note This series contains 9 cubic feet of records. There are four subseries of records in this series: burial and permit records; lot sale records; financial records; and cash records. Each series of records is organized in a set of books. The burial and permit records do not all have the same information because they do not all have the same origin. Each person buried in Evergreen was given a permit. However, the permit came from the city or town in which the person died. For example,...

Examination papers

Identifier: 0415.003
Scope and Contents Bound volumes of examinations given to candidates for qualification as teachers in the Boston Public Schools for the years 1876-1893, 1925-30, 1932-1935, 1937-1938, 1940-1957, and 1959-1962.

Examinations of titles [of land purchased by the city?]

 Series — Volume: 1
Identifier: 0700.003
Scope and Contents Record of title examinations on properties purchased by the city. Includes Austin Farm and other properties.

Executive Department reports

 Series — Volumes: 1-39
Identifier: 0200.005
Scope and Contents Bound volumes of departmental annual reports submitted to the Mayor. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.


Identifier: 2100.011
Scope and Contents Lists of exempt properties arranged by clause and by ward/parcel. Exempt properties include properties owned by the City, State, or Federal government or various charitable and religious organizations. These volumes list the addresses, owners of the property and the valuation.

Fair Housing Commission publications

Identifier: 6210.002
Scope and Contents Publications relating to Housing produced by the Fair Housing Commission.

Fair Housing Commission records

Identifier: 6210.001
Scope and Contents Includes administrative files, correspondence, legislation, regulations, reports and budgets.

Fairmount School photographs

 Series — Box: 1
Identifier: 0420.034
Scope and Contents Photographs of students in school yard performing dances, circa 1960-1965 and other miscellaneous events.

Fairview Cemetery records

Identifier: 4413.001
Scope and Contents note The Fairview Cemetery collection consists of 6 cubic feet of records and spans the period from 1892-1951 with gaps. Included in the records of the Fairview Cemetery are burial permits from 1892-1951 and foundation orders from 1928-1939.

Faneuil Hall and Curtis Hall register

Identifier: 4320.002
Scope and Contents Register documenting use of Faneuil Hall and Curtis Hall. Includes date, for whom, engaged by, for what purpose and amount paid.

Faneuil Hall visitor log

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 4320.005

Fence viewer decisions

Identifier: 0301.033
Scope and Contents According to Sec. 6 of Chapter 49 of the Massachusetts General Laws when a dispute arises concerning the part of a partition fence which under this chapter each party is required to build or maintain, either party may apply to the fence viewers, who, after notice to each party and a hearing, may in writing assign to each his share thereof, and may direct the time within which each party shall erect or repair his share; which assignment, being recorded in the office of the city or town clerk...

Fenway Middle College High School publication

 Item — Publications: PB 061
Identifier: 0420.035
Scope and Contents Publication from 1993 called "Our Future Community".

Fenwick Smith Atlas collection

Identifier: 9800.020
Scope and Contents Atlases of Boston donated to the City Archives by Fenwick Smith.

Finance Commission records

Identifier: 9701.001
Scope and Contents The Boston Finance Commission records are comprised of three series: administrative files, project files, reports. The administrative files is a small series containing the records of the Finance Commissioner and the records of the Boston Assessing Committee. The project files include reports, correspondence, studies and related information on issues investigated by the Boston Finance Commission. The reports series includes both published and unpublished reports that were issued by the Finance...

Finance Commission reports and publications

Identifier: 9701.002
Scope and Contents Includes Reports of the Boston Finance Commission and surveys on the Boston Public Schools, Building Department, Welfare Department, Health Department, Boston Elevated Railway, etc.