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Bills of cost for Civil Superior Court

Identifier: 2430.011
Scope and Contents Record of amounts paid to traverse jurors, grand jurors, officers, witnesses, etc. in the Civil Superior Court.

Bills of Cost for Criminal Superior Court

Identifier: 2430.012
Scope and Contents Record of amounts paid to traverse jurors, grand jurors, officers, witnesses, etc. in the Criminal Superior Court.

Bills of Cost for Jurors, etc.

Identifier: 2430.010
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of payment for jurors, etc.

Bills of Cost for Supreme Judicial Court

Identifier: 2430.013
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid in the Supreme Judicial Court. Includes amounts charged to the Commonwealth.

City Treasurer correspondence

Identifier: 2400.007
Scope and Contents Two letter-copy volumes of City Treasurer correspondence.

City Treasurer correspondence files

Identifier: 2400.008
Scope and Contents City Treasurer's files of departmental correspondence, Commonwealth departmental correspondence and correspondence with banks. This collection is unprocessed.

City Wharf records

Identifier: 2400.009
Scope and Contents note Includes record of City Wharfage, 1829-1832; List of Vessels laying at City Wharf, 1829-1831; and financial journals, 1829-1832 and 1839-1841. City Wharfage volume lists date, name of vessel, list of items on board and charge. Vessels laying at City Wharf volume lists date, name of vessel, place, master, owner or agent, time of leaving, number of days at wharf, and fee.


Identifier: 2410.001
Scope and Contents Records documenting the collection of taxes for real estate, personal estate and polls. Usually lists name, amount of tax assessed and amount paid or abated.

County drafts of the Municipal Court

 Series — Volumes: 1-5
Identifier: 2430.014
Scope and Contents Includes County drafts for Police Court, 1864-1867; County drafts for Municipal Court for criminal business, 1867-1879; and County drafts for Municipal Court for Civil business, 1867-1879. Includes record of bills for charges and expenses arising in said court.

Financial records

Identifier: 2400.014
Scope and Contents Various financial records kept by the City Treasurer. Includes ledgers, journals, cash books, records of bonds, records of debt, etc.

Financial records

Identifier: 2420.006
Scope and Contents Includes Ledgers of the Sinking funds, 1881-1894, 1921-1955; Cashbooks and Journals, 1881-1985 with gaps; Schedules of Investments, circa 1881-1945; Drafts, 1877-1898; Receipts and Disbursements, 1870-1882; and other miscellaneous volumes.

Mayor's drafts

Identifier: 2400.001
Scope and Contents Requests by the Mayor to the City Treasurer to pay persons named the sums listed. From 1820-1822, the requests are made by the Selectmen.

Monthly statements

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2420.002
Scope and Contents Printed copies of the monthly statements of the Sinking Funds submitted to the Mayor and City Council.

Police Court returns

Identifier: 2430.007
Scope and Contents Accounts of bills of cost in criminal cases brought before the Police Court in the City of Boston within and for the County of Suffolk in which cases were final and terminated in said court. Includes case number, date, defendant's name, offense, officers' fees, court fees and witnesses.

Police Fund records

Identifier: 2400.011
Scope and Contents By ordinance passed June 17, 1870, all monies received by police officers for fees as witnesses and paid by them into the City Treasury would be kept as a separate fund and be invested and managed by the Mayor, City Auditor and City Treasurer. The income of said fund would be applied to the relief of persons who received an honorable discharge from the Police force by reason of sickness, age or other inability and in necessitous circumstances and also to the relief of widows and orphans of...

Receipts for City drafts

Identifier: 2400.003
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of payment of city draft. Includes amount and signature.

Record of court fees

Identifier: 2430.008
Scope and Contents Record of court fees paid by the City Treasurer for Municipal Court, jurors, inquests, Police Court and Supreme Judicial Court.

Record of emigrants landing

Identifier: 2400.005
Scope and Contents Includes lists of vessels arriving and names of passengers.

Record of expenditures

Identifier: 2400.013
Scope and Contents Ledgers documenting expenditures of the Town of Boston, 1809/1810, 1812/1813-1813/1814, 1815/1816 1819/1820. Expenditures are listed by department or account.

Record of fees for prisoners committed (carriage fees)

Identifier: 2430.002
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for transport of prisoners. Includes no. of case, name, offense, station, officer and amount of fee.

Record of fees in cases of insanity

Identifier: 2430.005
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of fees paid to officers and witnesses in cases of insanity.

Record of fees in cases of truancy

 Item — Volume: 1
Identifier: 2430.004
Scope and Contents Record of receipt of fees paid to officers and witnesses in cases of truancy.

Record of fees paid for inquests

Identifier: 2430.006
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for inquests, 1827-1848, 1854-1864, 1869-1879; and state inquests, 1874-1877. Includes name of deceased, date, jurors, coroner, constable, witnesses and amount paid. The volumes for the years 1854-1864 include fire inquests.

Record of fees received in Police and Justices' Court

Identifier: 2430.001
Scope and Contents In 1822, the Police Court was established for criminal cases and the Justices' Court was established for civil cases. Includes records of the amount of fees received by the Clerk of the Justices Court for the County of Suffolk, 1822-1859; records of fines, costs etc. received in the Police Court, 1822-1859; and record of fees received in Justices and Police Court, 1824-1830.

Record of Municipal Court fees

Identifier: 2430.009
Scope and Contents Record of fees paid for witnesses, officers, etc. in the Municipal Court.

Record of officer and witness fees

 Series — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2430.003
Scope and Contents Records of payment and receipt of fees for witnesses and officers in the Police Court.

Record of payment of drafts

 Series — Volumes: 1-10
Identifier: 2400.002
Scope and Contents Record of payments of the drafts of the Mayor and Aldermen and County drafts of the Mayor and Aldermen. Volume 1 includes payment of drafts of the Overseers of the Poor.

Record of receipts and disbursements

Identifier: 2400.012
Scope and Contents Includes Daily Abstracts of Receipts and Disbursements, 1886-1914 and 1917-1918; Monthly Abstracts of Receipts and Disbursements, 1886-1902; and General Abstracts, 1921-1985 with gaps. Some volumes are in extremely poor condition.

Record of rents

Identifier: 2410.002
Scope and Contents Records of rents received for use of city-owned properties. Properties include Faneuil Hall, Faneuil Hall Market, Old State House, surplus school buildings and fire stations, etc. Includes Rent book, 1819-1852; Rent receipt book, 1850-1853; Rent book "B" and "C", 1882-1915; and Rent books, 1919-1940.

Record of suits against the city

Identifier: 2400.006
Scope and Contents Record of suits against the City in which summonses have been served upon the City Treasurer for 1881-1899 and ?-1927. Includes date, name of plaintiff, attachment, course of action, and date returnable to Superior Court and Municipal Court.

Record of unpaid drafts

 Series — Volumes: 1-2
Identifier: 2400.004
Scope and Contents Lists of unpaid drafts with disposition of item.

Sinking Fund Commissioners proceedings

Identifier: 2420.001
Scope and Contents Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Commissioners on the Sinking Funds for the payment or redemption of the City Debt.

Sinking Fund receipts

Identifier: 2420.005
Scope and Contents Includes receipts, correspondence, etc. of the Sinking Funds.

Sinking Fund requirements

Identifier: 2420.003
Scope and Contents Record of the monthly requirements for the operation of the sinking funds.

Sinking Fund votes

Identifier: 2420.004
Scope and Contents Records of votes taken by the Board of Sinking Fund Commissioners.

Tax demands

Identifier: 2410.004
Scope and Contents Record of serving demand for payment of taxes by Constable/Deputy Collector.

Tax title records

Identifier: 2410.003
Scope and Contents Records relating to tax titles. Includes Records of Deeds for Sales of Estates for taxes, Record of Tax Title notices, Record of Tax Title takings, Schedule of Real Estate to be sold for taxes and other miscellaneous records.

Temporary loan records

Identifier: 2400.016

Treasury Department annual reports and publications

Identifier: 2400.015
Scope and Contents Includes copies of annual reports for the years 1954-1964, 1966 and 1968-1976 and miscellaneous publications. Annual reports can also be found in the City Documents series.

Trust Fund records

Identifier: 2400.010
Scope and Contents Includes trustees papers which consist of correspondence, receipts, votes etc. relating to city trust funds, 1917-1978; investment ledgers, circa 1905-1979; cashbooks and journals, 1923-1962; and other miscellaneous financial records.